by Emmanuel Osegboh

A kingdom is the domain of a king or queen.God is the greatest,the most powerful,the wisest,the richest and the most merciful.All power.glory,victory and majesty and,indeed,everything that is in the heavens and on Earth belong to Him.His is the dominion and the kingdom and He exalts Himself as head over all.

Democracy is believed to be the best form of government so far discovered.It is certainly not perfect since the actors are not perfect.

But there is a perfect God who presides over the affairs of the universe of which He is the maker.When God made Adam and Eve,our first parents,He leased out Earth to them to till and to tend.In effect Adam and Eve were made rulers of Earth on God's behalf.They were made in the image of God and received authority from God.

Then they disobeyed God and fell from grace,giving Satan(AKA the devil) the opportunity to take from them the authority they were given over Earth.They committed high treason.The fall of Man and the resultant surrender of their authority to Satan explains the mess we see within us and the world today.The devil is described in the bible as the god of this world and a deceiver.He rules by covert and subtle deception.He often makes many people believe that he does not exist and that the spiritual world is mere fantasy.To some others He makes believe that He is more powerful than God.The effects of Satan's rulership,however,is evident.He is behind every bad and oppressive government,every corrupt leadership,every sin,evil and atrocity,and all the suffering,poverty and destruction that we see in the world today.

But God sent Jesus,His Son,to destroy the works of Satan.He died for our sins on the cross  and was raised from the dead to restore what we lost with Adam and more.

When Adam's lease runs out,God and Jesus will take back control of the world's kingdoms and governments to form a one-world government.And His followers will rule with Him in a new world order.God is a gentleman;he is just and so will wait till the lease runs out..He alone knows when the lease on the land will expire(and the lease is soon to expire)

Before that time comes,all christians(everyone who believes in and has surrendered to Jesus as Lord and Saviour) now have the nature and authority of God restored to them.We have been set free from Satan's kingdom and have been transfered into the kingdom of Jesus Christ.We are now citizens of heaven and heaven's ambassadors to this world.Like Jesus ,we can exercise authority over situations and circumstances that affect us - our personal lives,our families and homes,our friends,our work places and businesses,our cities,towns and villages,our countries and governments and, indeed,nature itself and the elements.

By declaring what God has said about us in the bible,we bring situations under control.In so doing,we give God the glory and experience the joy of participating in God's programme for Planet Earth..And we will keep doing this till Jesus comes again in power and glory.

God wants everybody to be restored to Him - to victory and authority and power. He is our maker,our manufacturer,our rightful owner.Satan is real,just like God is real but Satan is a usurper,a thief,a murderer and a destroyer.In the third Chapter of the gospel of St John,the bible says in verse 16 that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him as Saviour shall not perish(or suffer eternal damnation),but have eternal life.Surrender your life to Jesus so that you may experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give.God will not force Himself on anyone.He needs your consent.Accept Jesus as your Lord and believe in Him today.That done,and you are set for kingdom dominion.

Please read the following bible passages for further insights:

1 Chronicles 29:11,Psalm 145:13,Daniel 4:3,34,Daniel 6:26,Daniel 7:14,27,Daniel 10:13,Micah 4:8,Colossians 1:13​,Revelations 1:6,Revelations 11:15,Genesis 1:26-28,

Genesis 3:1-24,Psalm 115:16,1John 3:8,John 14:12-14,Mark 16:15-20,Matthew 4:8-10,2 Corinthians 4;4.


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                                  Hebrews 13:8



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