Man is God’s idea.God created man to be His caretaker on earth.God made man in His class of being- to fellowship with Him and to worship Him.Genesis 1:26-28,Genesis 2:7-15,Psalms 8:3-8,Revelation 4:9-11.
Man is made up of spirit,soul and body.In fact,man is a spirit,he has a soul and lives in a body.The spirit is that part of us that communicates with God and the spiritual world.The soul is the part of us that communicates with the intellectual world.It consists of the mind(imagination and memory),the emotions and the will.The body is the part of us that communicates with the physical world or

environment.It has to do with the natural senses of sight,touch,hearing,smelling and taste.It is the  house we live in.The spirit is the real ‘us’.It possesses a soul and lives in a body.1Thessalonians 5:23
God,angels,men and devils are spirits.Satan and demons are evil spirits.God and His angels are good spirits.Men and women have to determine on whose side they want to be.Animals do not have spirits so cannot communicate with the spiritual world and cannot live forever or proceed to the afterworld when they die.  However, they have souls and bodies.They can feel and have low levels of thinking ability.Psalms 49:12-15,Ecclessiastes 3:21
God spoke animals and everything He created into existence.When He got to man’s creation,in addition to speaking,He formed him with mud and breathed into it the breath of life:God breathed His spirit into man.
So God made man like Himself  to be the master of all life on earth,in the skies and in the seas.We can say,then, that man is God’s offspring and He made man(male and female) to be His friend.
When Adam and Eve,our first parents, disobeyed God they became corrupted and  lost a great deal of the nature of God in them.They became  spiritually dead even though they remained physically alive for several years.They died in the end but God’s plan was for man to live forever.Their spirits could no longer communicate effectively with God.
However,God immediately began a process of restoring man to Himself.He started the plan to send Jesus to suffer and die for the sal;vation of mankind.Jesus  came to restore us back to God so that whoever believes in Him will not die spiritually but will receive the life of God.John 3:16
God’s plan is for man to think,talk and walk like Him in love and power by living His life through us.John 13:34-35,Romans 5:5.His plan is for His man to extend all the wonderful conditions that existed in the Garden of Eden to the rest of the world until Jesus returns to the earth.
God has a plan for every person.We step into His plan by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.Then God begins to work out that plan in our lives with our co-operation.We co-operate with God by paying attention to His instructions for living.These instructions are in His holy book,the bible.Following them guarantees a joyful and fulfilled life in this world and eternal bliss with God in the world to come.Ultimately,evil will be defeated and banished from the world and the earth will be peaceful and wonderful with God and Christ as Kings.


                    ​by Pastor Emmanuel Osegboh


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today, and forever

                                  Hebrews 13:8


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